Introducing Disruptive Lacrosse

I love lacrosse.

Hey, my name is Scott.

I’m a writer, coach, and athlete.

This project exists for 3 simple reasons:




Disruptive Lacrosse is a website devoted to lacrosse athletes, but it’s also for parents who want to learn and for coaches who want to always grow with lacrosse knowledge and new insights.

As a coach myself, humble enough to openly admit I always want to learn and grow.

Who I am to start this?

I’m a very passionate lacrosse coach who believes in making a difference.

I’ve got a very clear philosophy on coaching and player development that I want to share.

I’m also a long-time strength and conditional professional with over 30 years experience.

Finally, I’m also a lacrosse parent myself.

This site is born out of both passion and frustration (to be very honest).

This site is much needed to help educate, inspire, and make a difference for the lacrosse community.

This is platform for idea sharing and to start purposeful conversations.

Valuable observations, thoughts, and concepts will be shared.

Let us begin.

Coach Scott

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