I help lacrosse athletes.

(*Why work with me? Please check out my background to see why this is different.)

Private coaching sessions (or small group trainings) may be available.

Designed for SERIOUS girls lacrosse athletes only.

Training for high school, middle school, and youth lacrosse athletes.

Offering the highest level of professional, quality, and individualized training available by the ONLY combined certified level-3 USA lacrosse coach, certified strength and conditioning specialist, and elite sports performance coach in South Florida.

Here’s the 3 areas of training I offer to lacrosse athletes (based on my areas of expertise, education, and training):

If you want to build your lacrosse skills and be a stand-out player.

  • (Training Option #1) LAX SKILLS – Lacrosse requires consistent work on the fundamentals to become a great athlete. My LAX SKILLS training is focused on improving stick skills, shooting, dodging, defending, and understanding game concepts that are specific to the athlete’s position. We focus on fundamental skills and advanced progressions, depending on the athlete’s level. Elite athletes become elite by mastering the fundamentals.
  • You will become a better shooter, dodger, and feeder.
  • Defensive players – I can help you too! There are many technical and tactical concepts I teach on the defensive side. 

You will:

  • Improve your stick skills to be stand-out lacrosse player
  • Improve your shooting techniques, power, and accuracy
  • Improve your dodging to win the one-on-one matchups
  • Improve your defensive techniques and skills 
  • Improve your lax IQ so you better understand the game and your position

If you want to be a better all-around athlete.

  • (Training Option #2) LAX STRENGTH – LAX STRENGTH is strength and conditioning that is specifically designed for lacrosse athletes. As a strength and conditioning specialist, this an area of expertise and one of the most neglected areas for lacrosse athletes. To get faster, quicker, and improve athleticism – strength training is foundational. Unfortunately, many trainers get this wrong for lax athletes.
  • *It is highly suggested that this be a commitment of 6 weeks to optimize results.

If you want to build explosive speed.

  • (Training Option #3) LAX SPEED – This is my unique speed development system for lacrosse athletes (*teaching the biomechanics of speed and agility  – I don’t just do mindless drills for speed, I teach and empower athletes to run faster and move more effectively.) There are many components to speed (linear and multi-directional speed, acceleration and deceleration, true agility, footwork, enduring speed, and much more). We assess your needs and design a specific plan to address the goals.
  • *It is highly suggested that this be a commitment of 6 weeks to optimize results.

Feild and/or gym sessions. 

Not sure which area to focus on?

After my assessment, I can help you determine what will be best to help you get to the next level.

It’s simple to get started (3 quick and easy steps).

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  3. TRAIN (Show up for your performance training at your scheduled day and time)

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If I have availability and you’re a good fit for my training – I’ll send you the scheduling LINK and everything else you need to get started.

*Availability is limited. I can only work with a few athletes at a time. I’m 100% committed to improving and developing the small group of athletes that I work with – so if you’re interested, apply now. Spots are “first come, first served.”  *Wait list is available and I can notify you if a spot becomes available.

If you’re a serious girls lacrosse athlete who’s committed to improving your skills…

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