Stoneman Douglas Girls Lacrosse: Memories Of A Magical Season

MSD Team

The MSD team after the Regional Quarterfinal victory.

It’s over.

For the 2023 Stoneman Douglas girls lacrosse team, high school season is officially done.

Frankly, I’m sad.

But it’s time to end the season and a new season of life begins for these wonderful young ladies.

First and foremost, it was an exceptional season.

To say we exceeded expectations would be an understatement.

I feel honored and humbled to coach and lead such a great group of young ladies and I learned so much as a coach and as a person during the course of the season.

Going in, my number one goal was to create a positive experience for the girls.

If I did that, winning would be a by-product.

We finished the season with an impressive 12-5 record (including District and Regional playoffs where we made it to the Regional semifinal game before yielding a loss to our top rival, Boca Raton High School. Unfortunately, for the final game, we had to adjust based on a couple of starters that were out.)

As the season comes to an abrupt close, here are the great memories I have of the 2023 season.


Gracy, Kaitlyn, Taylor, Sofia, Chloe, Taylor, Nigella, Rebecca, Anna, Maggie, Caroline, Diana, Stephanie, Gia, EJ, Saoirse, Erika, Raina, Addy, and Lilly.

This was our team and everyone helped to make it what it was. My hope is that these girls will remain lifelong friends and they will always remember this special season together – as each season is unique.

I hope there were lessons learned that will help them in life – because that is what sports is all about.

Sports is about the relationships you create and the life lessons learned along the way to help you become a better person.


The season started on January 23rd and we had our final practice on April 24th. Three solid months and we had a lot of practice time together.

As a coach, I love practices because this is the time we have to get better. Every practice is an opportunity to improve, to learn, and to get ready for the next game. Practices become a grind but you get used to the daily routine. Now it’s over. I will miss the conversations and showing up with a purpose and plan for the day.

I will miss seeing the girls laugh and bond together during the time they had. Practices are magical. Smiles and laughter are burned in my brain.

Practice MSD

My favorite time, practice. Each practice is an opportunity to get better.


Interestingly enough, when I reflect back on the season, I will remember some of the bus rides to our away games.

What I will remember is the girls coming on the bus before the game with the excitement and anticipation of the game. The smiles on their faces and the “Hey Coach” as they entered the bus. We’d take roll call and be on our way.

I’d sit in the front chatting with Coach Kevin and thinking deeply about the game coming up. I also remember the girls getting off the bus after a victory.

Again, seeing the smiles on their faces and seeing their great sense of accomplishment. It was awesome. That is fulfilling beyond words.


17 games this season. There’s no question that I will remember the thrill of game day. We had some amazing games this season. Tight wins and narrow, intense defeats that we could learn from.

There is no failure in sports, there is only steps to success.

It is in the game when your practice and preparation is truly revealed. But one of the great things about this team and this season was the adjustments we were able to make. The ‘”in-game” and half-time talks we had were amazing. Game days were intense, fun, energizing, and immensely rewarding.


The conversations with the players will be one of the things I will miss the most. I’m an open communicator and I relied on many of the players for their valuable feedback and insights on the game and the team.

Whether this was talking about lacrosse or just general conversation, I always enjoyed chatting with the girls and getting to know a little more about them as people.


Finally, what I will remember about this season is the incredible support system this team had.

The families, the board members (Erica, Debbie, Jen, and Melissa), the Athletic Director (Albert), and my awesome assistant coach (Kevin) who helped me in so many ways. A team is a group of people working toward a common goal. Beyond the players, these people helped to make this season a success.

We accomplished some great things.

And we did it together.

No one achieves success alone.

I thank each of you for your incredible support and contributions to the 2023 GLAX team.

These are some of the memories of a magical season.


This season is over but the next high school season is just around the corner (only 9 months away but who’s counting).

Life is full of seasons.

Every season comes to a close and a new one begins.

These are what we call “the seasons of life.”

I will cherish this season forever.

Man, it was special.

Now we turn the page on the great roster and a new group of girls enter to create the team for next year.

New personalities come in and our seniors sail off in the sunset to begin their “new season of life.”

A new culture and a new team awaits.

Next season…

Coach Scott

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