Secrets Of Summer Lacrosse College Recruiting

The following information is for girls lacrosse players and families who are in their recruiting year.

Specifically, those who are now going through summer tournaments, camps, showcases and other events that are now very meaningful for getting into college and playing lacrosse.

I’m sharing this because it’s some of the most important and meaningful wisdom you’ll read.

This came from a parent who has been through the experience.

It’s so good, I thought that it shouldn’t be left unseen.

READ BELOW and read it a few times.

I hope you find as much great insight as I do.

Sending you best wishes as you prepare to embark on a long (but fun & memorable) summer. 

It ain’t ever easy. 

But ALWAYS try to remember that it’s the bigger stuff that matters.  

The number of goals doesn’t really matter;

number of assists doesn’t matter;

number of “dings” from schools on on-line recruiting apps doesn’t really matter. 

Make the RIGHT play at the RIGHT time is what always matters and trust me, coaches will see it. 

Coaches can see in 5 min of warm-ups who is athletic – then they look for what players do without the ball to position themselves and others and the team for success. 

(If 2 x 22min halves = 44 minutes of game, then you might have the ball in your stick for 1.5 to 2 minutes? You can do the math.)

So what matters is not really what you do with the ball, not the goals etc, but what you do without the ball.

It’s everything else: 

  • make one more pass
  • set the screen
  • ride hard
  • move through the 8 to clear space for others
  • box out to allow your teammate to win the draw…

And celebrate EVERYTHING. 

Certainly celebrate your success but ALWAYS celebrate the success of everyone else, celebrate with players, coaches, and celebrate with parents (fans).  

I saw coaches last year who only occasionally watched the game but ALWAYS watched the sidelines (and interactions AFTER the game) for reactions, body language, and attitude

I know you will do very well, just consider to look beyond the small stuff (goals, dings on recruiting sites), because those are exciting but the other small things make the biggest, most important differences. 

Best wishes.

Go nuts.

And get that next ground ball! 

-Anonymous Parent Who’s Been There, Done That

Coach Scott

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