Hey there.

My name is Scott and I’m a high school varsity girls lacrosse coach.Scott

I’m also an author, writer, podcaster and strength coach with years of diverse experiences in human performance.

This website exists for one reason.

To make a difference for the girls lacrosse (GLAX) community.

I truly want to improve girls lacrosse and the intention is to serve as a resource for players, parents, and coaches of all levels.

I’ve been writing and podcasting for over a decade and have been been fortunate to be featured on many major websites such as…

I wrote a book on strength training and I’ve created several strength and performance training systems for athletes and the general population.

As a writer and coach, my #1 goal is to share valuable, useful information and perspectives that can help people.


I’ve been coaching girls lacrosse for 7 years now years but I’ve been coaching elite sports performance for more than a decade – and I’m always reading, learning, and implementing new ideas to constantly get better as a coach.

I never settle on status quo.


I take coaching very seriously and it’s so much more than just X’s and O’s.

Teachers are students first and always.

I’ve spend countless hours learning the game of lacrosse and I’m honored to be a USA Lacrosse PLATINUM LEVEL Certified Coach. 

I’m also honored and privileged to be a High School Girls Lacrosse Coach.

I bring something very different to lacrosse coaching with twelve years of sports performance coaching (strength, speed, power, and injury prevention methods to keep athletes durable and injury-free).

Finally, I’ve had my hand in helping people of all levels (*professional athletes to the general population) improve their strength, health and fitness for the last 30+ years.

With that said, this website exists for 3 primary reasons:




Specifically, I’ll share things relevant to my background and experience such as:

  • First and foremost, Lacrosse insights. As I learn and improve, so will you.
  • Skills for lacrosse athletes (*technical applications of sport performance is my specialty) 
  • Strength and conditioning for Lacrosse
  • Injury Prevention concepts and strategies
  • General observations, learnings, and insights for parents, athletes, and coaches
  • Discussing problems – and proposing solutions – to make lacrosse an even better experience for everyone

I hope you enjoy what we create here together – and I want to hear from you.

If you have questions, feedback or a topic idea, please contact me here.

Enough said, let’s roll!