7 Key Lacrosse Skills For Attackers

In lacrosse, attackers are critical players for the offense.

Attackers should always be a threat to score or attack the goal in multiple ways.

Both the high attackers and low attackers play a crucial role in creating offensive opportunities.

Here are 7 key skills for all attackers:


Let’s start with shots on goal. First and foremost, attackers are high contributors to scoring. They have to take shots. Attackers must be proficient in shooting with accuracy and power. Develop proper technique for overhand shooting and also creative shots to effectively place the ball in the goal and score. Not every shot may result in a goal and that’s OK. As the infamous saying goes, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. ~Wayne Gretzky


Dodging allows attackers to navigate through defenders to create scoring opportunities. Develop quick, agile movements to dodge opponents effectively and gain advantageous offensive positions. Dodging is such a key lacrosse skill – and not just for attackers.


Feeding is passing the ball to a cutter or other moving player. To feed effectively, the attacker must have good passing accuracy and time the feed appropriately to the open cutter to receive the pass. An attacker who is a great feeder can transcend the offense.


Using vision is not talked about enough. Ball movement on offense is a key to success. Attacking players should possess excellent passing skills and vision to set up scoring opportunities. Precise passes, quick decision-making, and awareness of teammates’ positions are essential for effective offensive plays.


This is a big one. Effective attackers constantly move off the ball to create space and exploit defensive weaknesses. Develop the ability to cut, change direction, and position yourself optimally to receive passes or create space and scoring opportunities for your teammates. If you don’t have the ball, keep your feet moving.


Communication is vital for coordinating offensive plays. Effective attackers communicate with teammates, providing information about their movements, calling for passes, and facilitating overall teamwork. Be involved and communicate with your teammates.


We’ve covered shooting, passing and feeding. These all require exceptional stick skills. Protecting the stick from defenders is also crucial for attackers. Develop techniques to shield the stick from checks, use your body effectively, and maintain possession in tight situations. Strong stick skills and stick protection are essential. 

By continually working to improve these skills, attackers can greatly contribute to their team’s offensive success and become strong scoring threats on the lacrosse field.

Regular practice and a commitment to skill development are necessary for attackers looking to excel in their role.

Attackers..they attack.

Coach Scott

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